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The 8th Annual All For One Golf Tournament is scheduled for Saturday, June 11, 2022 at Wellshire Golf Course.  MARK YOUR CALENDAR now for one of the best golf tournaments of the year.  To learn how you or your company can be a part of this great community event, click here.

The All For One Golf Tournament 

The Annual All For One Golf Tournament began in May 2014 with a simple idea: Bring the community together around a fun golf tournament to benefit our local schools (Samuels, Southmoor, Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson).  School System funding has been reduced and many beneficial activities were being eliminated.  Six years later with over $20,000 in donations to our schools, the All For One Golf Tournament continues to make an impact for students in our local community.
Here are a few things that were made possible through All For One donations:

  • Bus stipends for Field Trips. Many kids will take memories of favorite field trips with them throughout their lives. Getting out of the classroom and into the field for both educational (museums, etc.) and fun (performing arts, etc.) with classmates builds lasting friendships.
  • Materials purchased for afterschool studying and tutoring, allowing kids to reach their highest potential and staying ahead in their more challenging subjects.
  • Inspirational prints and other scholastic themed art have been used to decorate breakout and community rooms at school. Kids are provided a space to gather for sharing ideas and thoughts on their school life and community at large.
  • A Buddy Bench was set up with to provide a safe place for discussions when students are feeling down.  Students have a spot that is inviting for peers to sit and interact, collectively lifting spirits. 
  • Each year, one school receives the Principal’s Cup Award.  The award is given on behalf of the winning team representing the school.  Players include neighbors, local businesses, and past student.

All For One Golf


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